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Buzzbomb cornered at the 7-Eleven

This ain't no way to go to heaven

20 February 1971

Who's that kid at the back of the room?

I'm co-founder of Pelgrane Press and Axe Initiative Games.
23, 69, 8, acid, aliens, ambient, anarchists, anarchy, anti-racism, antifa, aphex twin, art, artificial intelligence, atheism, aztec, banksy, beautiful evil disney queens, behind, body painting, buzzbomb, cenobites, chaos, chemical brothers, clive barker, clubbing, cocktails, code generation, computer games, computers, conan, cooking, cryptozoology, cthulhu, culture, cyberdemons, cyberpunk, dance, dancing, dark young, dave allsop, day dreaming, dead kennedys, deep purple, desmond dekker, digital transcendence, dogs playing poker, doom, dragonmeet, dreaming, drinking, drugs, dying earth, ecstasy, elementalism, evil dead, flirting, food, fortean, freaks, freya, frost giants, fruit, fucking, futurism, game design, geeks, glorantha, goddesses, hangover horn, hawkwind, hedonism, hindu religion, his dark materials, history, horror, howard philips lovecraft, hr geiger, ian banks, iggy pop, illuminati, inventing, jack vance, kids, kissing, laughing, leftfield, liberalism, linux, loafing, london, lord of light, love, lust, master of magic, mayan, meat, miss van, monsters, moon, mugwumps, naked lunch, norse mythology, on top, paintball, painting, parenting, philosophy, pinky & the brain, polytheism, possible sword, punk, roger zelazny, roleplaying, rough, rpgs, sci-fi, science fiction, sex, sex & violence, sham 69, simpsons, ska, sla industries, slaine, smooth, socialism, space, spanking, spikes, stakka humanoid, storms, tantra, tattoos, techno, tenderness, tequila, the culture, the exploited, the filaments, the future, the moon, the ocean game, thundercats, trip hop, underneath, wasp factory, weird sex, witches, wu tan clan, zombies