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"It doesn't matter, I'll probably get hit by a car anyway."

I've been 10 days without a real internet connection or landline. BT, who are so lovingly polite, apologetic and understanding on the phone now need to get there finger out their arse. The bunker, aka our flat, is proving is nickname by only allowing my 3G broadband modem (which is a think of brilliance elsewhere) to get a modicum of a signal if a lie on LUCs side of the bed and nowhere else. It starts to go bad around 11am, so I don't have long.

Wizards have proved to be unprofessional in the extreme. I'll say no more about how I feel about their handling of the GSL, but I suspect that if the 'industy' had more money there would be something called class action whoop arse cans lying around right now.

However on that note, check out axe_initiative to see a further example of the kind of art that should furnish Robin's et al words when they get published.

I had a fantastic weekend though, which is saving my mood from the outer black. Freya and I went to a free circus training morning yesterday and that proved immense fun. I did have to sit through Dirty Dancing with the ladieees of the house saturday night, but even that was good.

So job hunting? Well there is a pub pipes cleaner position in Ulan Bator, but apparently you need more than a years experience. Not having decent internet access isn't helping that much either.
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Due to being an eee-oorrrr my buzzbomb.org email will be down for 24-48 hrs. I'm sure that's enough information for you more tech savvy people to figure out what stupid did.
Have a nice day

piligrimns progress

Award yourselves silvers stars, life is challengingly and I don't think there is anyone here I haven't benefited from knowing. A couple of mild pints with daver2323 became a very thought provoking evening and then turned into punk/ska/dnb/ dancing with Sussie n Leo which is great for my soul. however deciding to walk back from soho on my own meant extreme exposure to Subhumans, then the Clash followed finally by black flag.

I was turning rebellion in to money, but it had been so much better that I did feel before,
Have a nice day

Fairwell To Tiscali

I know dredd_bob has left them but up until now their fake unfair use policy hasn't affected me. My new iPod is sitting there waiting to be filled up (all 6.8 gbs free) while Tiscali seems to have "technical difficulties" connecting to the iTunes store and CDDB and leaving me trackless.

Fairwell Tos-cali, hello O2 and your faster, cheaper, simpler fair use policy.