pond823 (pond823) wrote,

9hrs, 24000 points, 2 Titans and 5 pints of Black Sheep

badusernametag ran his mega Apocalypse game on Saturday.

The we arrived at The Prince who had allowed us to use their upstairs bar to layout our 12' x 6' gaming table for by far the biggest wargame I've played in. It was mammoth. The Imperials had Warhound Titan, a Baneblade super heavy tank, and a Machurias super heavy and a entire Leman Russ tank platoon. We, the Dark Mechanicus, Nurgle, Slaanesh and the recently convert Ghost Watch Space Marine chapter had a Warhound Titan, many tanks & batteries, many Plague Marines and lots of Terminators. After some serious demoralization at discovering Michael had managed to scratch build an entire Wralord Titan which is about the size of a Hobbit, we, the bad guys managed to taken and hold 3 objective to the imperials 1.

There are lots more pictures over on facebook...

Thanks to Toby for setting the whole thing up.
Tags: wh40k
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